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Kyle Juffs
Kyle JuffsUpdated a year ago

Change Your IP Address with this Free VPN

Tuxler VPN is a free, lightweight VPN software that features military-grade encryption protection, fast connections, and access to tens of thousands of servers. Tuxler installs independently of your browser, and allows users to immediately change their IP address to that of another country. Similar to NordVPN or PureVPN, Tuxler VPN can access sites blocked in your country, whether you’re on Windows, iOS, Chrome, or Firefox.

Faster and lighter than competing products, Tuxler VPN is one of the more convenient VPN services for Windows, running in the background, boosting your download speed, and operating as a quiet browser extension. Tuxler is built on a foundation of residential IP addresses, and even both the paid version and the free version offer customer support, industry-standard security features, a kill switch, and encryption for your in and outgoing data.

Access Thousands of Locations

One of the best facets of Tuxler VPN is that it can be downloaded on Windows for free. Connecting to the VPN itself can be accomplished with a single click, and from that point, a list of server options is immediately accessible. Choose where you want your new location identity to be based, and enjoy browsing over a freer, faster Internet. Tuxler lets you choose from millions of locations, lifting geography-based content restrictions.

No matter which IP location you choose, Tuxler VPN keeps your IP hidden and your data encrypted, maintaining your privacy. The IPs are residential so as to ensure it’s virtually impossible to trace your origin. Since it also overcomes restrictions and allows you to enter any website you want, it’s a great method for discreetly viewing and accessing content behind closed doors.

By using residential proxies, Tuxler offers a large selection of available locations, each of which is continuously refreshed to maintain full privacy. By default, this VPN runs imperceptibly in the background of your favorite Windows browser, but it can be interfaced directly when desired. After its initial installation, a Tuxler desktop shortcut appears. Running the program will display your current IP address along with a list of available proxies. You can swap your IP address at any time by pressing ‘Switch IP’ in the top right corner.

Is Tuxler VPN free?

Tuxler VPN has two available tiers, free and premium. Either can provide secure connections, tens of thousands of fresh IPs each month, and good customer service, but the paid tier has some additional perks. One of them is more locations, as the free tier only has ten placement changes readily available. The paid tier has one hundred, by comparison, including the Netherlands and Saudi Arabia.

The paid tier also has faster connections, which is a major consideration. One of the most common reasons for using a specific VPN service on Windows is how it ranks on speed tests when engaging in online activities. Other free VPNs generally performed slower than Tuxler VPN, so in this case, this product stands out. That said, the lack of functioning proxies does result in some drawbacks.

Since many of the service’s proxies are only available upon upgrading to the free tier, this ultimately means a limited amount of data transfer. Regardless of which server you choose, with only 10MB of data transfer available, watching something like Hulu outside of the US or BBC iPlayer outside of the UK is pretty much impossible.

Tuxler VPN vs NordVPN

One of the most popular VPN brands on the market is NordVPN, and compared to Tuxler VPN it is largely the better option. NordVPN has higher-grade security tools for Windows, more prompt customer service, and more reliable protection. Moreover, of the two, NordVPN is easier to get accustomed to and faster to install. Both VPNs serve the same function, but NordVPN tends to perform better.

For example, either service lets users stream on Netflix at about the same speed. NordVPN can do this for up to 6 simultaneous users, however, while Tuxler VPN lags behind, only able to support one user at a time. If you’re on a budget, though, Tuxler VPN can arguably be the better choice, particularly if you’re not too selective with server locations. NordVPN does not have a free tier but does offer regular discounts and a free trial option.

Safely navigate the free Internet

Designed for convenient, liberated movement from network to network, Tuxler VPN adheres to the notion of an Internet without borders. Once installed on Windows, you can mask your IP signature, adopting the address of a location in an entirely different country. You can use this capability to view foreign shows, slip into blocked websites or access completely new channels on streaming services like Netflix.


  • Serves as a browser extension
  • Supports hundreds of IP locations
  • Many proxies to choose from
  • Access blocked sites
  • Lightweight


  • Some countries unavailable for the free tier
  • Slow data transfer
  • Installation can take a long time

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Tuxler for PC

  • Free
  • In English
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  • 4.2

  • (361)
  • Security Status

User reviews about Tuxler

  • Osinak

    by Osinak

    Absolutely good.
    It good and fast. It can protect one privacy in a secured way. I love it and I am glad to experience it.

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    stay away!.
    this is pure scam, nobody is there, the software doesn't work, no assistance at all. they just your 50 euros.


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